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Cape Fear Pecans -
bright yellow, large in size

The bright yellow color of the shelled pecans is extremely attractive when packaged in cellophane bags. The nuts of the Cape Fear pecan are large in size, numbering 55 nuts per pound, and this papershell pecan has a high kernel shell out rate that varies from 50-55% kernel.

The Cape Fear pecan tree is recommended for orchard growing from Northern Florida to North Carolina. Dr.Smit at Willard Horicultural Dept in North Carolina released this papershell cultivar to nurseries all over the United States, and the parent pecan tree of the Cape Fear cultivar was the Schley cultivar mother tree.

Elliot Pecans -
high yielding, ripens early.

The Elliot pecan is a high yielding cultivar that normally ripens one month before other paper shell varieties.

The Elliot pecan tree is a famous pecan tree in Florida, and when toasted and salted the Elliot pecan is the most delicious of all nuts.

Trees are self pollinating - no bees required.

We have 3 types of trees. 280 Desirables, 72 Elliots and 48 Cape Fear. As the trees are self pollinating, they do not require bees to do this task. Key is having varieties that will cross polli- nate at the appropriate time.

As predicted, we do not have a large crop so we do not sell to wholesalers or distributors.

We sell our entire crop by putting a sign out along Rt. 42 and letting the customers come to the barn.

Distinctive flavor and quality, word of mouth has spread.

People watch for the signs saying we have our new crop nuts available. We are not sure why we have the wonderful flavor that has drawn these crowds. Our best guess is the bountiful Florida sunshine, the consistent summer rains and the sandy, well drained soil. And, just possibly, they appreciate all loving care and attention they get for the full 12 months of the year. We may not hunt or fish or golf or party, but we love spending our time with our family, our land and our trees.